but i'm a creep, i'm a weirdo

what the hell am i doing here?


That wasn’t a joke, I meant it wholeheartedly.

Desperation yet you’re the one running to me, so what does that say about you? Other than the fact that clearly you’ve been stalking the wrong Delta girl since everyone knows I find Chanel almost as disgusting as I do retail.

Then you clearly have a terrible memory or you’re simply stupid considering I’ve mentioned multiple times that my family definitely don’t live in a Trailer Park. Even if someone did live in a place like that, do you realise what you’re insulting them on? Comments like that just make it seem like you’re yet another rich girl who thinks she’s so much better than ‘trash’ like that since she was born with money; by stereotyping offers, you’re reiterating your own stereotype. You do realise that you didn’t earn what you have, not financially, and your fame is only because of who your parents are? I genuinely admire your talent in dance and art because that’s something you worked for, but you don’t deserve your wealth anymore than I deserve my lack of it. So, if you’re going to have a long-running insult, please at least have the respect for the art of banter to insult my character and not things I played no part in.

I couldn’t be bothered accurately noting your expensive brand shit anymore than I can be bothered trying to have a valid conversation. We both know you’ll probably say ‘For someone who doesn’t care, you sure wrote a lot’ or whatever track of the record you’ll repeat today. 


Funny thing considering I’ve never been the one to claim I had no heart, sounds to me like you’re projecting. How was your Thanksgiving at the trailer park? I hope you deep fried something with your caring family.

Resorting to old Trailer Park jokes?

My latest suggestion is for you to go smother yourself in that Chanel crap you use. The stench of your desperation is giving me a headache.


I think everyone’s been away long enough, you can all come back now…

While I’m impressed you’ve grown a heart enough to crave human interaction, I’d suggest working on how you voice it. Desperation doesn’t suit you.

aubrey why have we never done the do


Intolerable company?


Now that’s just rude.

You say that as if me being rude isn’t the general expectation of anyone who knows me.


Someone’s angsty today. Not enough ice cream for you?


I’m in a delightful mood…or at least I would be if I didn’t have such intolerable company. Are you done bothering me yet, Maxxy?


Popcorn makes you fat.


And being fat would be a problem for me, why? The vanity instilled in most Penbrook students means I’d probably be bothered even less, and I have no issue with that.

Somebody pass me the popcorn.


Aubrey, maybe you just haven’t found the right parties.


I went to one a few days ago, it was a blast. You should really come with me next time, we could have fun.

Maybe…Then again, I think your idea of a good party would differ greatly from mine, Blondie.

Next time you find a decent one, let me know and I’ll consider joining you. I suppose there’s worse things in the world than your company. How are you doing, by the way?


At least the school didn’t burn down in your absence. As for parties, you never know, it is Friday night and the night is still young.  


Welcome back Aubrey. 

I’m still torn on whether or not the school burning down would truly be a bad thing, but you’re right about the night being young. If all else fails, I’ve found my parties-of-one tend to be very enjoyable at least.

Thank you, Hansen. How’ve you been in my absence?